Thank you for taking time to visit us. Scientific Thinking LLC is a company located in Vermont, USA. We are small, niche company that specializes in the handling of scientific information.

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If you conduct any type of research, you know it is a lengthy process that requires accuracy and efficiency and produces a lot of data. What you do with the data can make or break you. Your organization probably already has a lot of software and database systems but consider this: are you getting everything you need from them? Sometimes the difference between success and failure is a bit of customization to automate a complex user process or move data across a barrier between systems.

Give your research projects a better chance for success with custom IT services from Scientific Thinking. Consultant Mitch Miller specializes in IT consulting for organizations concentrating in scientific research.

In his scientific informatics consulting practice, Mitch works with clients to address the informatics bottlenecks. He'll learn how you're currently working, how you want to be working and help you move forward. Each organization is different, so contact Mitch to work on a plan specific for you.

Take your research firm to the next level with owner-consultant Mitch Miller's experience and competence. He has 20 years of experience working with scientific users and the people who support them to address gaps in information access workflow.

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